Dirty bass
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D. Smolken's multi-sampled double bass (aka contrabass)

New!! (as of 2015-03-15, that is) DSmolken has made another invasion of the dignity of this double bass, bringing to it a new life in a second set of samples. If you were always looking for something a bit "cleaner and consistent", you might like to wander over to this new version of meatbass. The set below remain, to offer you the choice of "more character and all those screechy bow noises, plus more extreme velocity layers"!

DSmolken at the KVR Audio Forum posted about sampling his acoustic double bass (aka contrabass) and how to best use the samples. Two primary sets of samples are provided - arco (that's bowed) and pizz (plucked) - with the addition of various "noises". If you check out his performance video, on YouTube, you might see what these might be used for... Also the start of the demos below.

Arco is 5 velocity layers with 2 round robins, pizz is 3 velocity layers with 3-4 round robins and noises have no velocity layers and sometimes have round robins.

Creative Commons Licence

© 2013 D. Smolken. This multisampled double bass by D. Smolken is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.
I want it to be reusable including letting other people make better mappings, or an EQed and normalized version or whatever, and reuse it in other sample libraries. D. Smolken

The samples and mappings are here:

And here is a demo © 2013 D. Smolken, the "Toreador song" - with no EQ, compression or reverb whatsoever:

I also knocked up a demo to trial the library during development. I'm no bass player... which I hope I ably demonstrate here.

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