sfz format mapping of GIRO's G&S Custom Works drum kits

Salvador PelŠez has captured the sound of his drum kit. After trying to secure commercial distribution and meeting nothing but frustration, he decided that the world needed this kit at any price. So he made it available free. You can read about the kit on the official website.

For latest news on the samples, please see this thread on KVRaudio.

The sampleset is hosted by AudioShots in their Auditorium. See this thread.

Since originally posted, AudioShots has had to pull some of their larger samplesets due to the expense of bandwidth. A replacement server has now been found for the samples, provided by Autodafe. (I've not updated the content of the mappings to reflect this, however!)

I converted the HALion2 mapping by hand, based on the screen display in Extreme Sample Converter Note that the leveler opcode in the maps does not actually exist: it's a record of the output from Voxengo's Leveler. The intent is to use it to smooth the velocity layers perfectly. But up till now I&apost;ve been too lazy!

These mappings are © Peter L Jones 2005. If you change them, take my name off. Otherwise, use as you will.

GSCW Drums Disclaimer:
Please note!
This library was done with HALion 2. You may not experience the full potential of this library with some other formats. The user patchs may not reflect the full capacity of this library...

That said, if you find any obvious differences, please let me know (post in the KVRaudio thread).

Here are the mappings:

Other sfz format mappings

Last updated: 15 October 2009
Update a few links
26 April 2006: Whatever happened to c-n-p: fixed link to Autodafe.
25 April 2006: Updated as kit now available from Autodafe.
9 October 2005: Fixed velocity hole in Kit 1 snare. Thanks Salvador!
8 October 2005: First version.