SWTrex's SFZ Mappings

SWTrex at KVRaudio has produced a number of SFZ drum kit mappings (which is a great time saver for me!) that are hosted here with permission - and hopefully avoid them becoming unavailable. As always, the samples are elsewhere.

In all cases, put the mapping file in the same folder as the samples.

Rhythm Mind's Pearl Master Custom Drum Kit with Zildjian Cymbals

This SFZ mapping was for tomica. You can find the samples on the Rhythm Mind site.

The mapping is here.

Pettinhouse Brush kits

dickiefunk asked after these and the next set and SWTrex posted the mappings. It's taken a while to get them here...

The samples are available for free download from Pettinhouse -- scroll down the page to "Brush kits for NI Battery and Kontakt".

The mapping is here.

Sonic Couture Brush kit

You need to register to get the free brush kit samples (near the bottom of the list). (At least, I assume that is the kit.)

The mapping is here.

Other sfz format mappings from KVR

sfz format mappings

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