sfz format mapping of MidiTzer Solo patches

John R Tay took a bunch of samples from the Wurlitzer Theatre Organ at the Paramount Theatre in Middletown New York. He turned them into soundfonts for use with a virtual Wurlitzer organ called Miditzer. I got them from a page on the Miditzer site, which has further details and demos of the complete soundfonts. What I was actually after were glockenspiel and xylophone samples. I also liked the Chimes, so I've mapped those, too.

I've used Steve Holt's sfZed to extract the samples and do the initial conversion to sfz format. However, there were a couple of minor manual tweaks - remove pan, adjust volume - that I did by hand.

These mappings are © Peter L Jones 2005. If you change them, take my name off. Otherwise, use as you will.

Here are the mappings:

Other sfz format mappings

Last updated: 17 April 2006
First version.